Benzoic Acids
4-Chloro Benzoic Acid
4-Chloro-3-Nitro Benzoic Acid
4-Chloro-3,5-DiNitro Benzoic Acid
4-Methoxy-3-Nitro Benzoic Acid
2-Chloro Benzoic Acid
2-Chloro-3,5-DiNitro Benzoic Acid
2-Chloro-5-Nitro Benzoic Acid
4-Nitro Benzoic Acid
4-Bromo Benzoic Acid
4-Methoxy Benzoic Acid
5 Nitro Salicylic Acid
3,5-Dinitro Salicylic Acid
4-Chloro-3-Nitro Benzophenone
4-Amino-3-Nitro Benzophenone
3,4-Diamino Benzophenone
2-Chloro-5-Nitro Benzophenone
2-Amino-5-Nitro Benzophenone
4-Chloro Acetophenone
4-Methyl Acetophenone
4-Methoxy Acetophenone
4-Hydroxy Acetophenone
Ester, Acids & Amides
Methyl-4-Nitro Benzoate
Phenoxy Acetic Acid
4-Nitro Benzamide
4-Hydroxy Phenyl Acetamide
Quaternary Ammonium Salts
Tri Ethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride
Tetra-n-Butyl Ammonium Bromide
Molecular Formula C8H803
Structural Formula Structural Formula
Molecular Weight 152.15
CAS No. 100 - 09 - 4
Other Names Para Anisic Acid
Specifications Appearance White to Off White Powder
  Purity by Titration 98.5% min.
L.O.D 0.5% max.
Melting Range 182 -185 deg C.
Packing 25 / 50 kg NETT in HDPE Bags OR Fibre Drums with double PE liner Bags.
Storage And Handling Store in original packing under normal indoor storing conditions.
  Dust irritates skin, eyes & respiratory tract.
Avoid inhalation & direct contact with skin & eyes.
In case of contact, wash with lots of water and consult Physician.
When heated to decomposition emits toxic fumes.
Applications As an intermediate in manufacture of Drugs, Dyes & Pigment.
Every batch produced is tested for the above specifications.  If you have any additional specifications to be met, please inform us.

The information above has been compiled on the basis of our experience and to the best of our knowledge. It is only intended to be of assistance to the user and must not be understood as a guarantee.
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